Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Some great reviews of Leon Stolarski wines by The Wine Gang

The Wine Gang is a unique collaboration between five of the UK’s most renowned wine journalists – namely Tim Atkin, Tom Cannavan, Anthony Rose, Joanna Simon and Olly Smith. They have grouped together to create a website full of reviews and tasting notes on wines from all sectors of the wine trade, from the supermarkets up to the best independent merchants. And in March 2009, tasting notes for a selection of our wines were published on The Wine Gang website, with some extremely pleasing results. Out of 20 wines reviewed, 11 were rated at 90/100 or better (with 2 wines rated 93/100) and none were rated lower than 87/100.

The Wine Gang website is subscription only (£19.99 for a year) but you can read the tasting notes for each wine in our online shop, so why not have a browse around. Furthermore, we have put together a mixed case, comprising 12 of the best scoring wines. The Wine Gang Case is priced at £130.97, a saving of £10 on the individual bottle prices.
Leon Stolarski

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