Tuesday, 12 May 2009

What do MP's drink when they have their snouts in the trough?

Well, I have no idea, but as far as I am aware, no Member of Parliament has ever purchased any of my wines, either out of their own pockets, or at the tax-payers' expense. Which just goes to show what a bunch of tasteless numpties we have running the country. I think questions ought to be asked in the Commons - though, to be honest, I don't think my marketing budget would stretch that far.

Joking aside, I am faced with the very real prospect (for the first time in my adult life) of either abstaining or spoiling my ballot paper at a general election. Unfortunately, we have yet to introduce "none of the above" as a voting option. If we did, the "None Of The Above Party" would have a good chance of being elected by a landslide. The state of UK politics is now in such a sorry state that it is a bit like drugs in cycling - the only way to redeem its reputation is to pursue a policy of rooting-out the cheats until only the "clean" ones are left. I fear it will be a long and bloody battle, with many casualties. Who on earth do these people think they are, that they can treat democracy with such contempt?

Leon Stolarski


James Bercovici said...

Hi Leon

I supplied the Sheffield Law Society with some Raymond Chateauneuf-du-Pape for a lunch which was attended by the then Home Secretary David Blunkett. By all accounts he enjoyed it but, then, given your disdain for both politicians and CDP...



Leon Stolarski said...

Hi James

I assume you mean Raymond Usseglio?

I have to say that my disdain for politicians didn't always run so deep. Indeed, I've always voted for Mr Blunkett's side, but would no longer feel obliged to do so out of some misplaced loyalty. But I can't ever see myself voting for any of the alternatives. The latest scandal just confirms what I have been thinking for some time now - that they are all as bad as each other.

Having said that, there must still be some decent, honest politicians around somewhere. And it would be nice if the media (in particular The Telegraph) would name names and give credit where it is due.

Anyway, back to wine..... I'm looking forward to some nice Tuscan wines tonight, with some friends, in a local restaurant.

Incidentally, see my April Tasting Notes in the entry below this one, posted 5 May, for not one but two lovely Chateauneufs! ;-)

Warren EDWARDES said...

John Redwood has been the Member of Parliament for Wokingham tasted my wines (and your Leon) at The inaugural Wokingham Wine Festival.

I am sure you get a Nottingham MP to open the Nottingham Wine Festival

Leon Stolarski said...

Not sure he tasted my wines, Warren..... perhaps he knew my voting history! ;-))

geoffo said...

John Redwood bought a single bottle of Lambrusco from me at WWF. I didn't issue a receipt.

Seriously Leon, I hope the anger that you and many others feel will subside in time and everyone will use their vote properly come election time. The trick is to get onto the local party organisations to register displeasure at the sitting MPs so that we get a new lot to vote for at the next election.

Congrats on the blog!