Thursday, 8 October 2009

Paxman v Johnson - a bruising encounter (and an honourable draw)!

I must admit that I do have some fairly deep-rooted and long-standing political views - all moderate, I might add - although a (generally) wine-related blog is certainly no place to air them. Furthermore, I suspect that I am no different to 95% of the population in currently being thoroughly hacked-off with politicians of all persuasions, be they left, right or centre. In fact, come the next election, I may well be voting for "none of the above", such is my disillusionment with the choices on offer.

Having said that, I do like a good laugh, and politics - just like any other normally "serious" subject - does have a habit of throwing up the occasional genuine comedy moment. And one such moment is now available for all to see on the BBC iPlayer. It features a bout between the (until now) undisputed UK heavyweight champion political interviewer, Jeremy Paxman, and Boris "Rocky" Johnson of Her Majesty's Opposition (and current Lord Mayor of London). The venue is, of course, the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. I must admit that (whatever my own political leanings) I do have a soft spot for dear old Boris and have always been a fan of Paxo. Frankly, when he interviews a politician, they stay well and truly interviewed - and they are all fair game, as far as I am concerned!

I won't spoil the fun by telling you all about it. Suffice to say that it is very funny, no blood is spilt, and (on my card, at least) it finishes as an honourable draw. I just can't wait for the re-match!

For those of you reading this outside of the UK (or indeed if it has disappeared from iPlayer by the time you do read this) then don't worry. It has already been preserved for immortality (I hope) on YouTube. Enjoy!

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