Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A delicious 2007 Côtes du Rhône

Right, I’ve been a bit lazy over the last couple of evenings. Well, not just lazy – but busy with this and that. So I shall resume the Vinisud write-up tomorrow (I promise). For now, though, here's a quick detour into another of “my” wines that I am enjoying this evening, whilst preparing some of my wonderful (though I say so myself) home-made pizza.….

I read a comment by someone on a wine forum the other day that they don’t make Cotes du Rhone like they used to. Well here’s one that ticks all the boxes – La Ferme du Mont Premier Côte 2007 Côtes du Rhône. When I came back from Vinisud, I found that I’d had a bit of a run on orders of this wine, due to a recent recommendation on Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages forum. I was running low on stocks at my Nottingham store anyway, so I’d arranged to pick up a whole load of wines (including a couple of cases of this one) from the bonded warehouse I use in Rotherham, whilst on the way back from Manchester Airport last week. Unfortunately, those unexpected orders meant that I still don’t have enough local stock, so I need to go and get some more tomorrow. Best laid plans, and all that! Anyway, since I was racking my brains about what to open tonight, to accompany the pizza, I thought I’d open a bottle for us to enjoy with it. And it is really lovely.

The nose is a riot of wild strawberries, briary, redcurrants and cherries, with additional notes of smoky incense, undergrowth and polished wood. It also possesses what that person on the wine forum says he is missing, these days – garrigue herbs by the bucket-load. The combination of all those fruit, herb and woody/leathery aromas really does add up a to a most enticing nose. The palate is beautifully fresh and bright, with flavours of cherry, redcurrant and cranberry, along with savoury and spicy notes and a hint of bitter chocolate adding richness. Firm tannins are offset by a healthy level of alcohol (14.5%), which creates enough of a feeling of sweetness to balance them out, with ample acidity completing the package. The result is a deliciously fruity, tangy, soft, juicy wine, which is a delight to drink now. It isn’t a style that I want to drink all of the time (I crave elegance more and more, these days) but it is really hitting the spot on this cold, frosty, late winter’s evening.

If you like the sound of it, try some - I promise you will not be disappointed! Oh, and at just £8.50 a bottle, it is a steal(!)


Vinogirl said...

Really liked your comments about the 100 point score system on Jamie Goode's blog. Keep up the great writing.

Leon Stolarski said...

Thanks for the kind words, Vinogirl. I must admit, though, that Jamie's somewhat provocative posts have diverted my attention away from what I really ought to be doing, which is posting on my own blog!

AlanM said...

Vinogirl, love the badge. I hate to sound sycophantic Leon but Vinogirl and yourself are right. What is the point of 100 points where the first 80 don't count. To get less than 80 you have to basically poison the drinker. So it's a 20 point scale at best. I actually like 20 points it means you don't need half points for scores out of five or ten. Or shouldn't.
And get something written about Vinisud mate :-)