Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Off to Burgundy for a few days

Just a quick post to let you know I'm still alive and kicking (if a little tired and in need of a rest)! Apart from my recent pieces about Oddbins (now officially in administration) I've been so busy with other things recently - wine business, day job, family, car troubles, etc - that I simply haven't had the time for blogging. Sometimes, something just has to give!

By the time you read this (I'm posting around midnight, when I really should be doing other things) I will more than likely be on my way to Burgundy, to enjoy a few days of wine, food and general conviviality with my good friends David Bennett, Andy Leslie, Bernard Caille and Peter Bamford. Apart from several planned visits to some very fine Cote d'Or wine growers (which I hope to report on over the coming days) I will hopefully also have some time to write up some of the best wines from hundreds of tasting notes I've been accumulating over the last few weeks. So, without the constraints of work, wine business and other commitments to occupy me for a few days, there will be plenty of scope for typing them up for publication over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, watch out for lots of Burgundy-related posts over the next few days (wireless connection permitting).

A bientot!

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Vinogirl said...

Looking forward to some great wine reviews :)