Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Changeable weather in Roussillon

One good thing about MacDonalds is that they provide free wireless Internet access, so I was pleased to find one situated just across the road from the local supermarket (no, I haven’t eaten there!) which enables me to make Blog posts without too much hassle.

The weather in Roussillon is changeable at the moment, to say the least. Mornings tend to start fairly clear and sunny but, by afternoon, there are angry storm clouds looming over the mountains – hardly the best conditions for a half-decent tan. And hardly the best conditions for viticulture, either – Jonathan Hesford tells me that downy mildew is a big problem at the moment, so spraying is necessary to keep it under control. Trouble is, every time it rains, he has to go out and do it all over again, which must be very frustrating (not to mention time-consuming). And all we are bothered about is our suntan! At least it is still nice and warm, though, even though we are situated at 500 metres above sea level.

Today, we are off for a quick trip into Spain. Meanwhile, here are a few photos, mostly of the stunning views from our villa of the Canigou (altitude 2,784 metres – 9,131 feet) and surrounding mountains………

Diane, enjoying a nice glass of red, on our arrival at Arboussols, Roussillon

A waxing moon, rising over the Canigou massif

Time for some practice with the macro lens setting

The hilltop village of Arboussols bathed in sunshine, whilst angry clouds gather over the Canigou

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