Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Hot and sunny at last!

After a couple of days of incessant cloud and some rain (but mainly in short bursts) the sun has finally arrived in Roussillon. The Pyrennées are still shrouded, but our “little” hill and the valley below are finally bathed in sunshine, with a refreshing breeze blowing from the north-west. I think the forecast remains mixed but, for now, we are happy to be soaking-up the sun.

Here are a couple of photos which show our accommodation and the view in all its glory………..

Our rented villa with pool

The stunning view of the Pyrennées
Now I am off to Carcassonne airport, to collect number 1 son, Alex, who is flying down with his girlfriend to join us for the remainder of the holiday. Meanwhile, Diane and number 2 son Daniel get to stay and relax by the pool. Pain in the backside though he can be, we’ve all missed Alex (even Dan!) so we are looking forward to it!

A bientot – more soon.

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