Monday, 24 May 2010

I'm In A Roussillon State Of Mind(!)

I must apologise for this, but I cannot resist posting a note on yet another Roussillon wine, this time a red from Collioure. Faced with so many new wines to taste, I have probably done what anyone would do (be it wine merchant or drinker) in that I have tended to opt first for the ones I think will excite me most. Well, this is the second to last (with only the new vintage of Domaine Treloar Le Secret to go - don't ask me why) and it is a real cracker, worthy of a post of its own.

Made by the diminutive and bubbly Laeticia Pietri-Clara, this is her "basic" Collioure. A few years ago, someone asked her what this cuvée of red Collioure was called (at the time, it didn't have a name). So she christened it "Sine Nomine", which is actually Latin for "without a name" - or words to that effect. Laeticia's strongest suits are normally her sweet Banyuls wines (I currently list her wonderful Cuvée Mediterranée 2003) and her dry white Collioure (currently the 2008 vintage). The reds have always been good, if not not remarkable. In fact, she makes at least 2 (and sometimes 3) different dry red cuvées, and the only one that has ever really appealed to me is this one. And I have to say, she has excelled herself with the lovely 2007.

This offers lifted aromas of strawberry and plum, combined with notes of spring flowers, violets and undergrowth. There is also a subtle, yet very definite hint of the sea (Collioure is situated right on the coast, where the Pyrenées tumble into the Mediterranean). And all of these aromas combine beautifully in a wine of considerable elegance. The palate is elegant, too - in fact, very feminine - with the rich red fruit flavours balanced by juicy acidity and tannins as soft as velvet. That maritime influence again has its say - not so much salty as savoury and herby, along with a hint of liquorice and a long, softly spicy finish. This really is a lovely surprise and is very definitely the most elegant of my Roussillon wines - I'm rather thrilled with it, but also a little miffed, because I only bought a handful of cases! A bargain at £12.95.

Food-wise, it would go beautifully with garlic-infused lamb, or a lamb tagine, a roast rib of beef. Dare I say, it would probably be a great match with a full-flavoured fish dish with a fishy/creamy sauce. It also happens to be devilishly drinkable on its own, whilst typing yet another glowing tasting note on yet another fabulous Roussillon wine!

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