Saturday, 22 May 2010

A real taste of spring (or do I mean summer?), plus one more fabulous Rousillon wine

Well, spring seems to have arrived with a vengeance in the UK. The past few days have been warm and generally sunny, but Saturday saw the arrival of positively Mediterranean weather, with temperatures in the mid-to-high 20's celsius. Mr Blue Sky finally showed his face, with literally not a cloud in sight from dawn until dusk. And although my golf was nothing to write home about, I did come home with face and arms several shades redder than when I left. This fine weather may not last (I hear that temperatures will drop again in a few days) but it has certainly made a change to be bathed in warm sunshine, after the somewhat cool weather we have endured in early spring.

Anyway, apologies for writing about yet another Roussillon wine, but the one I opened this evening (there are now just a couple more to go before all of my new wines are written-up) was a cracker.....

Domaine Sol-Payre Imo Pectore 2006 Cotes du Roussillon

Mourvedre, Syrah and old vine Carignan, aged in barrel for 12 months. The nose is spectacularly complex, with aromas of cherry and bramble fruits steeped in eau de vie, allied to notes of cocoa, sandalwood, leather, tobacco and aromatic spices - a lot of descriptors, I know, but trust me, they are all in there. This wine is clearly the product of some beautifully ripe fruit and masterly barrel ageing. The palate is equally classy and complex, with generous, sweet black fruit flavours complemented by tangy sour cherry and orange peel, whilst subtle notes of garrigue herbs and red meat add savouriness. Ripe, velvety tannins and ample acidity complete the package. Restrained power and elegance are the watchwords. In fact, having already written that the 2007 Cuvée Ater (see my entry of Tuesday 11 May) is the best wine of the current crop from Sol-Payré, I must say that this one compares very favourably. The wines of Domaine Sol-Payré have always been reliably lovely, but it is clear that winemaker Jean-Claude Sol is not happy to rest on his laurels. As with the Ater, this one has raised the quality to a new level. Yet another fantastic wine, and a complete and utter bargain at £13.50.

Tomorrow, I shall post a on a rather lovely 17 year-old English wine(!)

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