Sunday, 23 August 2009

A lifetime's ambition achieved - a single figure golf handicap!

I posted a few weeks back about the summer of sport and mentioned the fact that I had just won the weekly competition at my local golf club. That win left me tantalisingly close to achieving a single-figure handicap for the first time in my life. Well, I finally went and did it yesterday! And it was all the more satisfying to do it whilst not playing at the top of my game.

My driving was pretty iffy all day, and my iron play was a bit up and down, although I did fire a few short irons close to the pin. The only parts of my game that really worked consistently well were my chipping and my putting, which (on a breezy day, with lightning-fast greens) was most satisfying - I call it "being in the zone", when concentration comes easy and you are oblivious to what is going on around you. And knowing that I needed to have a good finish to be in with a chance, it was also very satisfying to par the last three holes (though I did miss a tricky six-footer for birdie on 17). It all added up to a hard-fought round of 75 (nett 65), which also won me the first division (for golfers with a handicap of 10 or less). Frustratingly, one less shot would have won me the trophy as well, but I can't be too greedy, can I? After all, any hacker will tell you that - unless you are a very gifted golfer - a single figure handicap is the Holy Grail.

So I am one very happy bunny at the moment - and I certainly feel there is a good deal of room for improvement. Category 1 (a handicap of 3 or under) is probably out of the question - I don't play nearly as often as required and, at 48 years of age, I am probably getting a bit too old. But I see no reason why I can't knock another 3 or 4 shots off my handicap, before age finally catches up with me and it starts going the other way again. Of course, enjoyment is the main thing, so it would not be the end of the world if this were to be as good as it gets. And, for now, I am enjoying my golf a lot!

Happy times, indeed. Oh, and thanks to all of those who have enquired after my health, in recent weeks. I am glad to report that I am finally pretty much back to full health. I even feel like pressing forward with the wine business again, rather than just keeping it ticking-over (which I have to do, of course, come rain or shine). So watch out for lots of new wines coming up in the next few months.

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